Answering the title: I'm not really sure (yet)! I bought the domain for my server service and figured I may as well have a webpage for the primary domain. Right now, this site's main purpose is for hosting guides I can link friends and family to. Right now I've got a few other guide ideas I've jotted down but haven't gotten around to — now that school is winding down, I'm hoping to get around to those.

Beyond guides, I've got a few other actual "blog" type ideas but (1) I'm not sure people want to read some high school student's ramblings and (2) I've realized that I suck at writing just for the sake of writing. The past four years of High School English have drilled in not much more than 1-3-1 essays (one intro paragraph, three body paragraphs, one conclusion paragraph for those outside of American public education). While, sure, this works for AP Exams, beyond that it's been negligible — college apps took waaayyyy longer than they should have, I've got a bad case of staring at emails for 10 minutes before hitting send, and even just writing casually like this is weird(?). Maybe I'll try just writing my ideas down for the hell of it and I can look back in a few years and make fun of my self.