Hey math monke(s), do you use RSS (bonus if you are cool enough to have a cloud.mehvix.com account and use the News app) and read AoPS blogs? If so, you should checkout aops-rss.mehvix.com — plug in a blog's URL like Dan's (kiss_mm) and it should spit out a RSS feed. Prior to this project, I haven't used Ruby so there may be kinks and edge case errors — if you run into any, create an issue on Github or reach out :)

If you haven't heard of RSS, you should check it out. In essence, it lets you keep up with online feeds (blogs / forums posts, news sites, podcasts, Calvin and Hobbes, etc.) without having to manually check webpages for updates. I'd recommend using this extension for Chrome-based browsers to see if a site has an RSS feed. Plus, with Nitter and Bibliogram you can create proxied RSS feeds for Twitter and Instagram accounts so you don't have to deal with the bullshit spying + ads. If you don't have a cloud.mehvix.com account, there's lots of RSS Readers out there. I've heard alright things about Feedly and NewsBlur but do your own due diligence.