Hello! My name is Max Vogel, but Mehvix is my username for most things on the web — I'm sure you can figure out what it means. I was born in 2002 and grew up around the great dairyland. Here is a picture of my dad and me from Google Maps circa 2007.

Right now I'm a second-year at Berkeley majoring in EECS. I'm currently working at Triton Sensors as a software engineer as well as under Carlo Séquin where I'm building on JIPCAD: a program for modeling mathematical objects. Generally, I am passionate about promoting and protecting digital privacy and freedoms. In my free time I enjoy foil fencing, snowboarding park, hiking earth, among creating things: I'm an amateur server admin, gourmet mycologist, 3D-printing cybernaut, and pyrotechnic (in that order, least to most amateur).

Fun fact:


I enjoy meeting interesting people. If you're around Berkeley / the bay area and want to grab coffee (or go steam tunneling) sometime, reach out!

I am a Signal fanatic —— I use it to reach everyone from my roommates to my grandparents. If you don't have my number, shoot me an email with yours.

Email [first name]at[this domain] (keys)
Signal [phone number, email me yours]
Matrix @mehvix:matrix.org (keys)
Discord Mehvix#7966 (consider not participating!)