I received an email threatening legal action against me:

After this blog post goes up, I am taking down pass.mehvix.com. But, given the nature of open source code, I have no power over anyone forking and running their own instance . Or using about://inspect/#devices in a Chromium browser to see the app's source code. Code is free speech. You can't stop the signal.

It was a good run- I started pass for myself and roomies, then they told five people, and those people told five more, etc etc until it came full loop where people would tell me about pass.mehvix.com not knowing that I was mehvix.

Here's the cloudflare analytics for anyone interested:

Try and see if you can infer when lunch and dinner are based on the spikes. Also, don't worry if you've used pass and are concerned about your privacy: I'm a privacy nut and have never collected any user information.