TL;DR Long live! This is now where my golink instance points to.

My former domain,, has been compromised; it's now registered with this Israeli registrar and redirects to ads.

I will not be registering a .us TLD again. They require your phone number and address, which will be publicly posted on WHOIS and is a pain to get it scrubbed; I still get rings from Indian webdev companies calling to tell me that I own the site and should buy their Wordpress services (to which I refer them to ./211).

Originally, I obtained the domain for free using an MLH promo code from TreeHacks 2022, where it was registered on Porkbun. Trying to transfer to Cloudflare was impossible (whoever manages the .us TLD kept denying my transfer, I don't think this was porkbun) so I let it expire. Little did I know of the eons of grace period days, so I twiddled my thumbs from the time it expired, January 17th, 'til April 3rd when it was snatched up by an ad agency.