If you're a Berkeley student, you're probably looking for pass.mehvix.com so you can get into the RSF.

Hello! My name is Max Vogel, but Mehvix is my username for most things on the web — I'm sure you can figure out what it means. Here’s a photo of meExpand image on Google Maps in 2007. Right now I'm a freshmen at UC Berkeley planning on majoring in EECS and/or MechE. In my free time I enjoy foil fencing, snowboarding park, hiking earth, among just building cool stuff: I'm an amateur server administrator, mycologist, 3D printer, and pyrotechnic (in that order, least to most amateur). Fun fact:


Email [first name]at[this domain] (keys)
Signal [private, contact me]
Matrix @mehvix:matrix.org (keys)
Discord Mehvix#7966 (if possible, don't use)
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